I'm Matt Hin.

Ph.D. Candidate in Applied Mathematics

Matt Hin

My Teaching

Update (Dec 15, 2018): I will be working with Kelly Delp during Spring 2019 as the Teaching Assistant Development Fellow to coach graduate students on their pedagogy and run the Math Department's Spring 2019 Teaching Seminar.

Update (Feb 20, 2018): I will be working with Tara Holm and Steve Bennoun during Summer 2018 to develop and redesign materials for future iterations of MATH1110 - Calculus I for the Arts and Sciences for the Math Department at Cornell University.

The ultimate goal of my teaching is to give my students an appreciation of how a mathematician approaches problems and the ability to communicate with those mathematically inclined. I try to develop this understanding by giving students the opportunity to be a mathematician in the classroom. This entails three main steps of

  1. Developing proficiency with a mathematical framework,
  2. Collaborating and communicating ideas with others, and
  3. Applying mathematical knowledge to new situations.
This three-step process is the driving force behind the design of my courses and how I approach the mathematical classroom. I have further detailed my teaching philosophy and practices in my teaching statement and its companion the sample course syllabus. The latter codifies my approaches in a document intended for students. In practice, the contents of this syllabus would be distributed in a course website for easier browsing.
Download Teaching Statement (.PDF) Download Sample Syllabus (.PDF) Download Sample Schedule (.PDF)

Spring 2019 Teaching Seminar

In Spring 2019, I led a seminar series aimed at developing pedagogical skills in graduate students of the Math Department. You can find the seminar webpage here: Spring 2019 Cornell Math Department Teaching Seminar.


In Spring 2018, I participated in the course ALS6015 - The Practice of Teaching in Higher Education. You may find the materials I've created for this course compiled into an online portfolio found here: ALS6015 Portfolio.

Past Courses

The following are the classes I've taught at Cornell University. For most of these courses, I've been a teaching assistant. However in the more recent courses, I've taken the responsibilities as instructor and administrative aide. These experiences have equipped me to design and lead 30-student classrooms for a variety of mathematical courses for undergraduates seeking various different majors. These courses have also prepared me to tackle larger scale courses as well as incorporate more technology and multimedia in the classroom.

Other Experiences

I have also sought to complement my experiences in higher education with teaching experiences with other student populations. I find it important to not only employ my teaching skills professionally but also as a method to serve the greater community that has supported me in my endeavors. I tend towards programs that empower underrepresented groups as well as the general public through educational opportunities.