I'm Matt Hin.

Ph.D. Candidate in Applied Mathematics

Matt Hin Matt Hin

About Me

I am a Ph.D. student at the Center of Applied Mathematics at Cornell University. In addition to my research interests in studying dynamics of electric power grids, I am also interested in applying mathematical techniques to evaluate teaching practices. I am also a large proponent of increased communication between members of the academic community and with the public audience. Outside of academic interests, I enjoy tennis during the summer, hiking during the fall, and snowshoeing during the winter. I also enjoy the works of Jim Butcher, Neil Gaiman, and Gabriel Garcia Marquez. I would recommend Bookers' Sip-A-While for those curious about whisky.

Recent Teaching

I am not teaching this semester, however here is the course page for my session of MATH1120 - Calculus II for Arts and Sciences last semester: Math1120 - Calculus II.

Graduate Coursework and CV

Graduate Coursework is listed here: Coursework at Cornell
My CV is available as a PDF here: Curriculum Vitae
References are available upon request via email: mfh72 'at' cornell 'dot' edu

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