I'm Matt Hin.

Ph.D. Candidate in Applied Mathematics

Matt Hin

Purpose of Website

Welcome to my teaching and research portfolio. This website is intended to be online repository of my teaching philosophy, teaching experience, and educational materials as well as to showcase my research interests. I am currently a graduate student at Cornell University in the Center for Applied Mathematics.

Research Portfolio

I am primarily interested in studying and developing numerical tools for multiple time-scale models of electrical power grids. I am currenlty interested in analyzing phenomenon apparent in transient stability models. Under the research tab of this portfolio, you will find examples of my studies alongside links to my Special Committee and links to my publications.

Teaching Portfolio

The teaching side of this portfolio documents the courses I've taught and details my approach to teaching in higher education. I provide an example of a course syllabus I've drafted for an introductory calculus course geared towards Arts and Sciences undergraduates at Cornell. I also include a statement on my teaching philosophy.