ESMI Applied Math 2019 ESMI 2019

Location: Carpenter 235

Sessions: 10:00am - 12:00pm on Various Days.

Instructor: Matt Hin

Email: mfh72@cornell.edu


A key pillar of the ESMI program is the Applied Math Research Project. ESMI scholars are required to attend a seminar course designed to equip them with the proper skills and mentors to see their summer research project to a successful conclusion during the Diversity Summer Research Symposium.

During the first two weeks of the program, scholars meet everyday for two hours in the computer lab located in Carpenter 235. After the initial two weeks of instruction, the seminar will relax to two-hour sessions meeting on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays in Carpenter 235. These sessions will focus on modeling practices and problems and provide scholars time to work on their research project.

ESMI scholars may work on a research project individually or in pairs. They will be mentored by the seminar instructor for the duration of the program.



Session Topic Worksheet

Jun 11 Matlab Coding Basics Basics (.PDF)
Jun 12 Scalars & Arrays Scalars & Arrays (.PDF)
Jun 13 Floating Point Representation Floating Points (.PDF)
Jun 14 Error Analysis I
Research Groups Due
Error Analysis (.PDF)

Jun 17 Error Analysis II
Jun 18 Modeling Continuous Change I ODEs (.PDF)
Jun 19 Modeling Continuous Change II
Jun 20 Modeling Continuous Change III
Jun 21 Modeling Discrete Change I
Research Topic Due
Logistic Map (.PDF)

Jun 24 Modeling Discrete Change II
Jun 25 Modeling Example: Mass-Spring-Damper Mass-Spring-Damper (.PDF)
Jun 26 Modeling Example: Mass-Spring-Damper II
Jun 27 Modeling Example: NYC Taxis NYC Taxis (.PDF)
Jun 28 Modeling Example: NYC Taxis II
Mathematical Framework and Research Approach Due

Jul 01
Jul 03
Jul 05

Jul 08
Jul 10
Jul 12

Jul 15 Project Midterm Check-in
Jul 17
Jul 19

Jul 22
Jul 24
Jul 26 Seminar on Presentations and Posters

Jul 29 Project Abstract Draft Due
Jul 31
Aug 02 Project Abstract Final, Poster Draft, and Presentation Draft Due

Aug 05 Poster Final Due
Aug 07 Field Trip to Mann Library for Poster Printing
Aug 08 Research Symposium