Zhengyi Zhou

My research interests include applied statistics, data mining, spatio-temporal statistics, and Bayesian statistics. My advisor is Dr. David Matteson.

Z. Zhou and D. S. Matteson (2015), "Predicting Melbourne ambulance demand kernel warping." [arXiv]

Z. Zhou and D. S. Matteson (2015), "Predicting ambulance deamnd: a spatio-temporal kernel approach," ACM SIGKDD International Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, 2015, accepted. [arXiv]

NSF student travel award

Z. Zhou, D. S. Matteson, D. B. Woodard, S. G. Henderson, and A. C. Micheas (2015), "A spatio-temporal point process model for ambulance demand," Journal of American Statistical Association, 110:509, pg 5-16. [arXiv]

Winner, American Statistical Association Health Policy Statistics Student Paper Competition, 2014
Finalist, INFORMS Data Mining Section Best Student Paper Award, 2013

Z. Zhou and D. S. Matteson (2015). "Temporal and spatio-temporal models for ambulance demand," (peer-reviewed) to appear, in H. Yang and E. K. Lee, eds, Healthcare Data Analytics, Wiley Series in Operations Research and Management Science. [pdf]

Z. Zhou (2013), "Impact of academic experience in economics on risk preferences and rationality: an empirical investigation," The American Economist, 58:1, 4-15.

Z. Zhou (2009), "Calculable congestion: modeling effects of traffic lights by ODEs and PDEs," in Proceedings of the National Conference on Undergraduate Research.

Z. Zhou (2009), "An economic analysis of Singapore's water reclamation and management towards self-sufficiency," in Proceedings of the Nat'l Conference on Undergrad Research.