Zhengyi Zhou

ORIE3500/5500: Probability and Statistics for Engineers II (Fall 2012)

In-Class Example Worksheets:
Worksheet1 (Bayes' Rule)
Worksheet2 (Independence of events, distributions)
Worksheet3 (Independence of RV, joint & marginal dist)
Worksheet4 (Expectation, variance, covariance)
Worksheet5 (MGF, LLN, Chebyshev Ineq, discrete dist)
Worksheet6 (Cont dist)
Worksheet7 (Transformation)
Worksheet8 (Std transformation, conditional dist)
Worksheet9 (Conditional dist, order stats)
Worksheet10 (Bivariate Normal, CLT)
Worksheet11 (MLE, MoM)
Worksheet12 (Bayes estimator)
Worksheet13 (Hypothesis testing)