Zhengyi Zhou

MATH1106: Calculus for the Life and Social Sciences (Spring 2012)

Useful Cheatsheets & Worksheets:
Derivative & Integral Cheatsheet

In-Class Example Worksheets:
Worksheet1 (Compound Interest)
Worksheet2 (Linear Functions)
Worksheet3 (Rate of Change)
Worksheet4 (Derivatives)
Worksheet5 (Chain Rule)
Worksheet6 (Derivatives of Exp. & Log. Function)
Worksheet7 (Linear Approximation)
Worksheet8 (Increasing/Decreasing Function)
Worksheet9 (Max/Min Problem I)
Worksheet10 (Max/Min Problem II)
Worksheet11 (Related Rates)
Worksheet12 (Antiderivatives)
Worksheet13 (Definite Integral: Total Change)
Worksheet14 (Volume of Solid of Revolution & Average Value)
Worksheet15 (Partial Derivative)
Worksheet16 (Multivariable Linear Approximation)
Worksheet17 (Differential Equations)
Worksheet18 (Applications of Differential Equations I)
Worksheet19 (Applications of Differential Equations II)
Worksheet20 (Revision I)
Worksheet21 (Revision II)
Worksheet22 (Revision III)