Danielle F Toupo

PhD Candidate in Applied Mathematics
Cornell University

657 Rhodes Hall
Center for Applied Mathematics
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14850

Email: dpt35@cornell.edu
Phone: (302) 465-0174

Advisor: Steven Strogatz
PhD Committee: Steven Strogatz,
David Bindel
, Richard Rand

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PhD, Applied Mathematics, Cornell University, 2016 (expected)
MS, Applied Mathematics, Cornell University, 2014
BS, Mathematical Biology, University of Delaware, 2011


In graduate school, I worked on (and studied) complex systems with nonlinear dynamics. In general, I am interested in impactful real-world problems that allow me to use my quantitative and data analysis skills, but also my problem solving and interpersonal skills.


1) Aaron Gowins, Danielle F.P. Toupo, Kevin D. Hall. Modeling Human Energy Expenditure from Birth to Adulthood; In Progress.

2) Danielle F.P. Toupo, David G. Rand, Steven H. Strogatz, and John D. Cohen [2015]. Evolutionary Game Dynamics of Controlled and Automatic Decision-Making, Chaos; Accepted.

3) Danielle F.P. Toupo, and Steven H. Strogatz. Nonlinear Dynamics of the Rock-Paper-Scissors Game with Mutations, Physical Review E 91 (5), 052907 (2015).

4) Danielle F.P. Toupo, David G. Rand, and Steven H. Strogatz. Limit Cycles Sparked by Mutation in the Repeated Prisoner's Dilemma, Int. J. Bifurcation Chaos 24, 1430035 (2014).


Cornell Chronicle article : Rock-paper-scissors, the natural way

Science article : Rock-paper-scissors may explain evolutionary 'games' in nature


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