David Eriksson

Ph.D. Candidate in Applied Mathematics

Center for Applied Mathematics
657 Frank H.T. Rhodes Hall
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853
OH: Tue 9:30-10:30, Th 11-12
       657 Frank H.T. Rhodes Hall, Room 2

I'm a fifth-year Ph.D. Candidate in the Center for Applied Mathematics at Cornell University. My advisor is Professor David Bindel and my Ph.D. committee also includes Professor Charles Van Loan, Professor Christine Shoemaker, and Professor Alex Townsend. I'm interested in Bayesian Optimization, Machine Learning, Scientific Computing, and Numerical Linear Algebra. I'm the President of the Cornell Scientific Software Club, which provides a venue to discuss and learn about modern tools relevant for developing and deploying scientific codes. I've a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and a Master of Science in Engineering Mathematics and Computational Science from Chalmers University of Technology, located in Gothenburg, Sweden.


2018-12-05: I'm joining Uber AI Labs

2018-11-27: My thesis has been approved!

2018-11-09: I passed my B-exam (thesis defense)!

2018-08-03: I'm the TA for CS 6210 for Fall 2018!

2018-05-20: I'm spending the summer with Google in MTV!