Wayne Isaac Tan Uy, PhD


657 Rhodes Hall
Center for Applied Mathematics
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14850

Email: wtu4 'at' cornell 'dot' edu


I completed my PhD in July 2019 under the supervision of Prof. Mircea Grigoriu. My special committee included Prof. Christopher Earls and Prof. Timothy Healey.

I was also mentored by Dr. Kevin Carlberg, Prof. Elena Akhmatskaya, and Dr. Tijana Radivojevic during my graduate studies.

For my postdoc, I will be working with Prof. Benjamin Peherstorfer at the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences.


Surrogate models and model order reduction for uncertainty quantification, inverse problems, machine learning, applied probability and statistics

Literatura hispanofilipina


M.D. Grigoriu and W.I.T. Uy
Discussion of "Extreme Events: Mechanisms and Prediction" by M. Farazmand and T. P. Sapsis (ASME, Applied Mechanics Reviews).

W.I.T. Uy and M.D. Grigoriu
Identification of input random field samples which yield extreme responses by physics-based surrogates and machine learning classifiers.

K. Carlberg, W.I.T. Uy, F. Lu and M. Morzfeld
Integrating reduced-order models in Bayesian inference via statistical error models.
In preparation.

W.I.T. Uy and M.D. Grigoriu
Specification of additional information for solving stochastic inverse problems.
Accepted, SIAM SISC.

W.I.T. Uy and M.D. Grigoriu
An adaptive method for solving stochastic equations based on interpolants over Voronoi cells.
Probabilistic Engineering Mechanics, 51:23-41, 2018.

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