Mark Gluzman

PhD Student in Applied Mathematics
Center for Applied Mathematics
657 Frank H.T. Rhodes Hall
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14850

Telephone: (607) 280-4554



PhD, Applied Mathematics, Cornell University (started 2016)
MS, Applied Mathematics, Columbia University (2016)
BSc, System Analysis, National Technical University of Ukraine (2015)


My research interests include:


M. Zgurovsky, O. Akimova, A. Boldak, S. Voitko, O. Gavrysh, M. Gluzman, O. Glukhanyk, I. Dzhygyrey, K. Yefremov, A. Ishchenko, S. Lazareva, A. Melnychenko, I Pyshnograiev
Sustainable development analysis: global and regional context. Part 1. Global analysis of quality and security of life
NTUU "KPI", Kyiv, 2013. Online:

M. Gluzman, N. Gorban and P. Kasyanov
Lyapunov type functions for classes of autonomous parabolic feedback control problems and applications
Applied Mathematics Letters 39, 19-21 (2015).

M. Gluzman, N. Gorban and P. Kasyanov
Lyapunov Functions for Differential Inclusions and Applications in Physics, Biology, and Climatology
Continuous and Distributed Systems II: Theory and Applications 30, 233-243 (2015).

M. Gluzman, N. Gorban and P. Kasyanov
Lyapunov Functions for Weak Solutions of Reaction-Diffusion Equations with Discontinuous Interaction Functions and its Applications
Nonautonomous Dynamical Systems 1 (1), 1-11 (2015).

N. Gorban, M. Gluzman, P. Kasyanov, A. Tkachuk
Long-Time Behavior of State Functions for Badyko Models
Advances in Dynamical Systems and Control, 351-359 (2016).

M. Zgurovsky, M. Gluzman, N. Gorban, P. Kasyanov, L. Paliichuk, O. Khomenko
Uniform Global Attractors for Non-Autonomous Dissipative Dynamical Systems
Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems B 22 (5), 2053-2065 (2017).

M. Gluzman, R. Rand
Dynamics of Two Coupled van der Pol Oscillators with Delay Coupling Revisited

M. Gluzman, J.G. Scott, and A. Vladimirsky.
Optimizing adaptive cancer therapy: dynamic programming and evolutionary game theory
Proceeding of the Royal Society B, 287:20192454 (2020).

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