Research Channels

Seleced Talks

My PhD Thesis Defense: Optimization Frameworks for Graph Clustering

For reasons unknown to me, for about a week at the end of 2020, YouTube decided to vigorously recommed my PhD Defense to various users. It reached over 100K views (and several dozen comments along the lines of "why in the world was this recommended to me?") before things settled down.

Talks on Optimization and Matrix Computations

As a graduate student I also gave a few different talks on topics in matrix computations related to my research.

Totally Unimodular Matrices in Linear Programming

Solving Low-Dimensional Optimization Problems via Zonotope Vertex Enumeration

Efficiently Solving Linear Programs with Triangle Inequality Constaints

Non-Research Videos

One of my hobbies is playing acoustic guitar, and occasionally upload a video to my non-academic channel.