Daniel Freund
I am a PhD candidate in Cornell's Center for Applied Mathematics (CAM) where I am fortunate to be advised by Prof. David Shmoys. Prior to joining Cornell, I did my undergraduate degree at Warwick University in the UK. In 2015-2016 I worked for Motivate, an international leader for bikeshare-systems.
During my undergraduate, I participated in the Kupcinet-Getz summer school at the Weizmann Institute of Science, where I worked with Prof. Moni Naor. You can learn more about me by checking out my Google Scholar profile or my CV.


The major focus of my research is on ways to improve Bike Share systems. In close collaboration with the largest Bike Sharing systems in the US (NYC, Chicago, Boston, Washington D.C. and in the Bay-Area), our group develops mathematical models and tools to operate these systems more efficiently. In our quest to enhance their efficiency, we apply tools from Combinatorial Optimization, Stochastic Modeling and Simulation.

I can be reached at X@cornell.edu, where X = "df"+ the number of days in a year ("365"). My office is in Rhodes 657.

(Recent) News

Publications and Preprints

  1. Minimizing Multimodular Functions and Allocating Capacity in Bike-Sharing Systems

    Daniel Freund, Shane G. Henderson, David B. Shmoys.
    To appear in IPCO 2017.

  2. Pricing and Optimization in Shared Vehicle Systems: Queueing models and Approximation Algorithms

    Siddhartha Banerjee, Daniel Freund, Thodoris Lykouris.
    Working Paper.

  3. Simulation Optimization For A Large-scale Bike-sharing System

    Nanjing Jian, Daniel Freund, Holly Wiberg and Shane G. Henderson.
    WSC 2016.

  4. Contagious Sets in Dense Graphs

    Daniel Freund, Matthias Poloczek and Daniel Reichmann.
    To appear in European Journal of Combinatorics.

  5. Rank Aggregation: New Bounds for MCx

    Daniel Freund and David P. Williamson.
    Working Paper.

  6. Secure Physical Computation using Disposable Circuits

    Ben Fisch, Daniel Freund and Moni Naor.

  7. Physical Zero-Knowledge Proofs of Physical Properties

    Ben Fisch, Daniel Freund and Moni Naor.

In preparation

  1. Prize-Collecting TSP with a Budget Constraint

    with Alice Paul, Aaron Ferber, David B. Shmoys, and David P. Williamson.

  2. Data-Driven Rebalancing Methods for Bike-Share Systems

    with Ashkan Norouzi-Fard, Alice Paul, Shane G. Henderson and David B. Shmoys.


As TA for CS1110 and CS4850 I received an Outstanding Teaching Award and a Yahoo Graduate Teaching Award.

Graduate Classwork

  • CS 6783 - Machine Learning Theory
  • CS 6820 - Analysis of Algorithms
  • CS 6840 - Algorithmic Game Theory
  • CS 6850 - Structure of Information Networks
  • ORIE 6125 - Computational Methods in OR
  • ORIE 6180 - The Design of Online Marketplaces
  • ORIE 6334 - Approximation Algorithms
  • ORIE 6335 - Scheduling Theory
  • MATH 6410 - Enumerative Combinatroics
  • MATH 6710 - Probability Theory I
  • MA 4J3 - Graph Theory (@Warwick)
  • MA 467 - Presentations of Groups (@Warwick)